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JA-RO-CA Orchids was founded in 1983 

Retired 2007 but leave a comment or question.

We started with one greenhouse and a desire to grow these lovely plants. Now we are 4 greenhouses strong and over 7,000 blooming size plants. Since our beginning, we have won many show awards and several A.O.S. (American Orchid Society) judging’s for our outstanding plants. We have also developed over the years, several new crosses which have proven to be remarkable.

Everyone asks the same question when coming to the nursery… 

  • What does JA-RO-CA stand for?

The nursery was named after its owners:  Janet (JA) and Rod (RO) Carpenter (CA).

  • How do I take care of my new Plant?

We have provided on this site, links
that will tell you just how to take care of each type of orchid. Just click the links to the left and you will see requirements for feeding, watering, temperature control, and light.